Women in Sport

For SUSU's Women in Sport campaign we interviewed three women enjoying very different sports tied together as being proud to do something 'Like a Girl'.

This was the overarching video that accompanied three shorter profiles.

Director and Editor - Xanthe Z. Young

Save the Southern Malting

In the campaign to save a local historical building and convert it into an art centre, this video helped win local funding by engaging with the community and was shown directly to the town and district council.

Director and Editor - Xanthe Z. Young

Camera Op - Chris Ilett

Autism Wessex -

Hugs for Arsenal

We tell the story of one man's unique challenge to hug strangers and help raise awareness of autism.

Director and Editor - Xanthe Z. Young

Camera Op - Jonathan Green

Autism Wessex -

Big Brekkie

This video explains the autism awareness campaign 'Big Brekkie' sound simple and easy to engage with. We focused on making it fun and getting involvement from supporters from across the charity to make it ideal for sharing on social media.

Director and Editor - Xanthe Z. Young

Original Music - Rhodri McDonagh

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