• Xanthe Z. Young

Get the most out of your completed promotional video

Video can be an incredible asset; it's popular, user-friendly and improves SEO. Internet users are said to have an attention span of around 8 seconds, eye-catching video can lengthen that span. However, it is not enough to pop the video on a page of your website and expect the rest to happen by magic.

Here’s a few tips to help you get the most out of your promotional video.

On your website:

On your own website it's important not to hide video away, video is a stimulating medium, it will catch your audiences eye and hold their attention but only if they see it in the first place. “About” pages are not as commonly visited as a “Services” page or a Homepage.

If the video is an overview of your business, put it on your homepage. You could even use it as moving banner across all pages or as a click-through welcome page, this will play automatically getting your message across straight away.

On Facebook:

-         Pin your video to the top of your feed and use it as an introduction to the page, an easy to swallow first port of call for new visitors

-         Make it compatible and eye-catching. Many videos on Facebook now adopt a square aspect ratio so that they appear bigger on feeds and subtitles so that viewers don’t have to turn the sound on.

-         Tag participants in the video, they may share it and give you extra coverage for free.

-         If you think your video is likely to be shared make sure to ‘boost’ it. This is an inexpensive way to get much more coverage.

This video for Autism Wessex received 16k views and 40+ shares on Facebook

On Twitter:

-         Make sure to include relevant hashtags and tweet to participants and people you think would be keen to share it

On YouTube:

-         Choose a custom thumbnail that stands out. Give the video clear appealing title and consider including it in the thumbnail so it can be spotted quickly by its desired audience.

On LinkedIn:

-         Share as part of an activity or better yet as a blog post/article

-         Don’t forget you can add media to any part of your profile and a video could really stand out

Via Email:

Consider including your video in your email signature, it’s a great way for clients and colleagues to access extra information in a quick and appealing form. You could add it as a link at the bottom of your contact details or as a click-through hyperlink to your company logo.

If you have an e-newsletter, make sure to include the new video in your next addition.


Directly refer customers: Most promotional videos either give an overview of the company and its ethos or demonstrate a product or service. In either case the video can act as a source of information that makes a strong impression – where relevant, tell customers to watch the video to see for themselves what you are talking about on the phone or include a link in your emails. Video is an ideal way to show rather than just tell.

Use in presentations: a video can be an ideal way to make a consistent first impression, it could be used in presentations to customers or even as a part of staff training.

Upload to an iPad: tablets are ideal for demonstrations on the fly at meetings and networking and perfect for trade shows where you can run the video on a loop.

Ask for help

Every business is different, for some businesses Facebook is a crucial resource while others travel and give presentations. It’s up to you how you want to use your video, I can help you make the most of your chosen medium.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me for:

-         A text free version of the video for web banners

-         A square subtitled version for Facebook

-         A custom still for YouTube

-         A video in a format compatible for iPads