Commission a Video

Video is a very engaging and versatile so it's not surprising it is now a staple of many marketing strategies. You can use video to promote you products, services or brand in a multitude of ways from simple testimonial videos to demonstrations of the unique features of a product or service, you can use video to tell a client story or more abstractly to visually express your brand and ethos.

You may know exactly how you want to use video and have prepared a brief or you may have a few ideas but are seeking help on how to transfer them to screen - we have worked with clients at all these stages.

What to Expect

One of the advantages of working with me is that I'm completely independant and therefore flexible to your needs. I can adapt my working process to best suit you. For this reason not every video will be carried out in the same way, however, this will give you an idea of my typical approach:


1. Consultation. We meet for a 30-60 minute consultation where we talk about what you want from your video, where you plan to use it and the audience you are hoping will view it. You may have a very clear brief in mind or only a rough idea of what you want to acheive, together we figure out what will work best for you.


2.  Pre-Production. You may provide me with a script or I will have one prepared for you depending one what we agreed would be best. If your video is relient on capturing events unfolding in the moment I will probably only work on an outline with you. If your video is complicated or high in concept then I may prepare some storyboards for you to approve to make sure we're both on the same page. We would then set a filming date.


3. Shooting. The shooting day(s) are very simple. I will turn up at the location with whatever additional crew and equipment we agreed would be necessary. If we are shooting with you (eg. for staff interviews) we will have arranged a timetable to make sure everything is covered. If we are shooting parts of your day documentary style we can do this self-managed without disrupting you.


4. Post-Production & Feedback. A rough cut of the video will be sent to you within a week of the last day's shooting unless agreed otherwise. The video will be uploaded 'Unlisted' on youtube (meaning that only people given the specific link can see it) you will then be able to share it with anyone whose opinion or approval you want before you request changes. We can repeat the feedback process as many times as you need to get it right and I will recut your video at least once before any extra charges will incur.


5. Final touches. Extra elements such as music or colour grading will be added to the final film. Unlike most video production services I provide original composed music to meet your videos exact needs, this is usually as economical or more so than paying to license existing music and will ensure your video is unique, tailored to you and copyright problems will never arise.


6. Delivery. The final film will be made available to you as a digital download link and as a DVD hard copy as requested.


The cost of video production can vary greatly. Factors include; number of shooting days, equipment requirements and additional crew. In some cases you may need to hire actors or models.

We offer a free consultation session before anyone need to commit to producing a video. We will discuss what you want to achieve and the budget you have in mind. We try wherever possible to give all-inclusive quotes which are broken down and explain exactly what you are paying for and what you can expect.


Visit my contact page and give me a rough summary of what you are looking to produce to get the process started.