I very much want to thank Xanthe for her work on the campaign video we distributed so successfully. As a result of the video the council and the public at large have responded enthusiastically. The video has not just been strategic in getting to where we are now - it has been decisive - I really don't think we could have achieved such support without it.

So I wanted to say how much I appreciate and admire the work that she has put into the video. Her sense of structure has been crucial and her understanding of how to tell a story quickly and clearly has made my role not only easier but almost needless. The video looks fantastic and everyone that sees it is impressed with the storytelling and the images.

Darren Bender

Southern Maltings Group

Xanthe's professionalism, originality and commitment to achieving the best possible results are extraordinary. She is extremely clear and focused in her ideas and is incredibly skilled at what she does. The films she made for our campaign gained high praise from across the political spectrum.

Xanthe is also incredibly easy going and extremely calm under pressure. She gets on with everyone and puts people at ease even if they're unused to being filmed. I cannot recommend Xanthe's work as a filmmaker highly enough.

Katherine Chibah

Labour Parlimentary Candidate

From the start, the whole filming process was very straightforward and professionally organised. On site Xanthe, Jon and Rhodri filmed and interviewed us in a reassuringly natural and unrehearsed way. I was expecting many "takes" that would take up lots of time, but this didn't happen. We just got on with what we were doing and the film crew were able to get the shots they needed.

The film captured the joyful and enthusiastic atmosphere of the Elm Barn project, which makes it a special thing to have commissioned from Xanthe. Rhodri's music was a real bonus. The final editing made a coherent story of the various clips of carpentry and interviews and we were all amazed and delighted by the finished video.

Robert Somerville


Xanthe has created several films for us including a trailer for our 2014 Edinburgh show and a series of projections for our 2015 Edinburgh show. In both cases she was a pleasure to work with, listened to the brief and was able to take our vision and push it further. The results exceeded our expectations and fitted exactly what we needed.

Xanthe works in an incredibly professional way, everything was delivered on time and the quality was great. She also has an excellent creative eye allowing her to take our projects to the next level.

Rebecca Cox

Familia de la Noche

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